Allan Gaw is a Scottish writer and educator.  He has been a clinical academic for 25 years – most recently as Professor & Director of the Clinical Research Facility at Queens University Belfast, and he previously worked at Glasgow University and the Univeristy of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.

He has been involved in the design, conduct and reporting of commercial and non-commerical clinical research for over 20 years, and has been active in research education and training  for the last 10.   He is keen to explore all aspects of the conduct of clinical research including its historical and ethical bases.  Related to these interests,  he is passionate about the need to develop those key writing and presentation skills that are essential in professional life.

In addition to his twenty-five books, which include “Trial by Fire: Lessons from the History of Clinical Trials” and “Our Speaker Today: A Guide to Effective Lecturing”, he also writes and publishes eArticles on a range of subjects.

If you would like to learn more about him and his work visit his website or follow him on twitter or Facebook – for Clinical Biochemistry, @Research ET for all things related to clinical research and professional skill training and @SAPress42 for everything else.

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